Just Found an Awesome Way to See the USA!

Just Found an Awesome Way to See the USA!

Hey Friends & Family,

I wanted to reach out with a short blog and let you know what I discovered.  While researching the RV life, I just came across a membership called Harvest Hosts.  This is an awesome membership where you pay an annual fee to stay in beautiful places for the night while you are traveling the good old US of A.  Currently there are over 2,100 places across the country and in Canada and Mexico.  They are variety of types to stay from wineries, farms, different type of attractions, breweries & distilleries; as well as, golf courses for a small additional fee.  I’m not a golfer so I chose not to include them.

I went ahead and bought the membership.  Yes, I know I’m jumping the gun so to speak but I wanted to lock my membership fee in because it never goes up from the what you started paying for it.  The way I look at it, when I use it twice, the membership is paid for and I plan on using it a lot when I RV so I’m looking at it as an investment of my future.

While you are not required to make any purchases at these places, it would be a fantastic thing for you to do to show your appreciation to the host where you decide to stay. 



Here’s a video to show you more about Harvest Hosts

Here’s a link to Harvest Hosts if you’d like to join.  You’ll get $15 off the membership fee for using my link.  Is that great or what!?!


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