It’s Not a Happy Memorial Day for Gold Star Families

It’s Not a Happy Memorial Day for Gold Star Families

Today as we celebrate this holiday, there are many many families thinking of their loved ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  This day is to honor them.  Please take a pause from the cookouts, game playing, ball throwing or anything else that you’re doing and thank them for that sacrifice that they have bravely taken.  As a military veteran, I know too many that have paid that price.  I can still see their loved ones’ faces and the hurt and pain that they suffer when I come across them.

What do the colored stars mean on the flag in the window?

Some of you that have never served or had family may not know this.  When a service member deploys, the family places a flag in the window with a blue star on it.  Each star represents a family member that is deployed.  It represents hope and pride of their loved one that is serving.

When you see a flag in the window that has a gold star inside the blue star, that means that the service member died while serving for our country.  This represents sacrifice for the cause of liberty and freedom.

Now, I leave you with a beautiful poem by Robert Langley.


Stone Memories

by Robert Langley

Their sacrifice is lined in rows
Side by side, and head to toe
Some have crosses others stars
Some wore stripes, and others bars

A generation lost to God
For whom a nation cried
A memory now almost lost
Of how and why they died

Perhaps it’s just the way of things
And wars throughout all time
That nations give their finest
To be cut down in their prime

Or maybe it’s the price of peace
And the hope of lessons learned
If so, then don’t forget them
Or the thanks that they have earned


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