Are you out there? It’s me, BessMarie

Are you out there?  It’s me, BessMarie

Hi, I want to thank you for checking out my site. For years and years, I have wanted to have an RV & travel around the good old US of A. I wanted to see this awesome country that not only have I called home for most of my life; but also, served over 20 years in the Marine Corps. Yes, you read that right, I served my country in the Marine Corps. I know it’s hard to believe that little ole me that is not quite five feet tall was in the biggest boys club known in the country… I did it! Proudly!

Why in an RV?

One day while stationed in Orlando, FL we went to a Tin Can show. If you’ve never heard of a Tin Can show, don’t worry neither had I at the time. It’s a show where they have travel trailers that were built in the 30s, 40s & 50s. Let me tell you those were some awesome little homes and well maintained. Nothing like we see in today’s market.

After the show…

That’s all I could think about. My family and I were discussing them, you know the typical discussion, which one was your favorite, what did you like about it, could you see yourself in one? I blurted out that it would be neat to live in one & when you got tired of the scenery, you could just fold up your steps & go on your merry way to the next place & not worry about packing or calling the movers. That was the seed that started it all.

It’s taking some time & preparation

After retiring from the Marine Corps, I’ve settled down in one place to raise my daughter and son. About three or four years of being in the same place, I started getting antsy and wanting to go somewhere else. After all, that’s what I was used to doing in the service – moving every two to four years. I couldn’t do that then and the RV thing popped back into my head. It’s all I’ve been thinking and talking about for years now. I think everyone is getting sick of hearing me talk about it. I see them rolling their eyes when I bring it up. My daughter is grown and out on her own.  My son is almost out of high school and now I need to seriously start making plans so I can see this come to life. I’ll be documenting it all here.

What should I get? Where should I go first?

I’m in the planning stage now and looking at RVs. If you have any experience or idea of what I should get, please put it in the comments below. I’m checking out all of them until I see the one that beckons me to get it for my next chapter in life.

I want to see everything that the US of A has in it. I know it’s going to take a long time to do this and I am planning AT LEAST a five year tour. Let me know in the comments what your favorite places are. What you think I should see and where to go. I’ll document the trips here. Thanks for your help.

Until next time,


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I love the idea of living in an RV also, in fact I probably caught this idea from you! I am draw to a mortgage free life and having more time to meet new people. I am definitely a people person! I hope the day comes when I park my RV a few spots down from you!

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