Fort Macon State Park

Fort Macon State Park

To get to Fort Macon, you need to travel through Atlantic Beach, NC and it’s at the very end of the road right after the Coast Guard Station.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss the Coast Guard Station.  We used to go to the beach there when I was stationed at Cherry Point, but I never went to the fort until recently.  Fort Macon was built for the war of the states and it also served as a barracks area during World War II.  For a small state park, it had a lot to show us.  I can’t even imagine living there way back then especially when a hurricane hit.  I’ll show you a few things that I saw while I was there.

The Guns

There were cannons lined up along the top of the fort along the ocean side.  These were huge and very heavy.  There was one particular cannon there that was referred to as a rifle.  Not my idea of a rifle but that’s what they called it.  The cannon balls weighed around 32 pounds each.  Those soldiers must have had some great guns of their own to be able to lift those cannon balls multiple times.

The Kitchen and Mess Hall

This little room was quite impressive to me.  I thought during the Civil War that most everyone starved.  You should see the amount of daily rations they were given.  I don’t think I could eat that amount in three days.  Then again, we aren’t as active as they were back then.  Their rations consisted mainly of meat, bread, dried peas, beans, rice and potatoes.  Don’t think they would like our no carb diets that a lot of people insist on eating now days. 

The View

Fort Macon is located close to the beach and the views are spectacular, if you ask me.  You can see for miles and miles up on the berm of the fort.  I saw a ship out in the ocean.

The day we went it was extremely windy and cold but worth going to.  I’d go again when the weather was better.  If you ever have a chance to take a look at this fort and you like history (even if you aren’t into history), go see it.  Plan on taking the day to explore it, have lunch and go to the beach.  My favorite spot there.  Let me know in the comments what you liked about Fort Macon.

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